How Can the Astral Body Heal the Physical Body?


How can I use the astral body to heal the physical body?

Lyme disease.


—Michelle, Australia


Dear Michelle,

I too had Lyme disease and dealt with it. Of course, ask a physician what you should do, it’s no joke. But indeed a strong astral body heals the physical body. What you need to do is recharge the body powerfully with energy. The astral body must shine, especially where you feel the sickness is manifesting. You should learn Yogananda’s Energization Exercises. Apply the principle: with strong will direct a flow of energy from the medulla oblongata to the body part where you need healing. You might visualize that energy as light. Tense that body part, vibrate, keep the vibration for a few moments, then relax.

Regularly (several times a day) practice the 20 body part recharging, sending a strong flow of energy everywhere in your body. The vibrant astral body will heal your physical body. You might also affirm, as you send the energy: “I am well, for God’s light is within me.”

You can learn these exercises at Ananda, or also at or on YouTube. Practice with will and concentration. “Electrocute” that sickness, as Yogananda said, with a powerful flow of prana. It works. At least it did for me.

May you be able to let your astral body shine,

In divine friendship,