I Saw God in a Dream


I had a dream which was so good that it felt real. I'll not forget that dream for my whole life. What I saw was God. Yes, I saw God. He was in a child’s form and he had an 'AUM' symbol on his forehead. He said something to me from inside of me. I believe he was trying to convey some message. What do you think?

—ruchit, india


Dear Ruchit,

God can and often does speak to us through our dreams, which is a great blessing when it happens. Sometimes the message is in the form of symbols. In your dreams the obvious symbols would be the child’s form and the AUM symbol on the child’s forehead.

The best way to understand the message of the dream is to pray deeply at the beginning of your next meditation. Prayer is talking to God and meditation is listening for the answer. So pray to understand what God wants to convey to you through this dream, then let your questions go, calming your mind and meditating deeply.

At the close of your meditation, wait patiently in quietness of mind to see if an answer slips gently into your mind. If it does not appear immediately (often it does) don’t be concerned. The answer may come later, when you least expect it.

However, if nothing is ever especially revealed to you about how to interpret your dream, then know that your dream was still a great blessing for you. Leave it at that, and just be grateful for that blessing.

It’s always best that we ask God/Gurus to help us interpret our dreams rather than relying on a book or another person to help interpret our dreams for us. This is because your dreams, particularly superconscious dreams, are given to you personally and generally have a unique meaning for you alone.