Dreams of spiritual masters


2 Questions. I had a dream about Swami Kriyananda, it was where he was there for a long time, He didnt say anything ,I saw him wearing a Light blue and white gown,. Also in my head this week I keep see that picture of the Master Jesus walking on water, So can youshed any light on this stuff? Please and thank you John

—john martinez, usa


When a saint enters your dream, far more significant than what s/he is doing or wearing – sometimes even more than what s/he is saying – is the fact the s/he is there at all. It is a blessing, and it is something to be treasured. The mind can bring up rational objections (“Oh, it’s just your subconscious anyway.”), but:

(a) if the experience comes to you with clarity and energy, rather than muddiness and dullness, it is most likely a superconscious experience, not just something from your subconscious mind, and

(b) Even if the experience were being projected onto the screen of your mind primarily from your own subconscious, it woud still be a very good thing. (After all, just think of all the other stuff muddling around in the subconscious that could have been projected!)

As for a specific meaning for these particular experiences, that is impossible for me to say. But it may be possible for you to feel. I suggest that you meditate on these experiences – the sooner the better, while they’re fresh – and try to feel their significance. Don’t try to think it out, or try to put it in words. Try to feel it in your heart. Be content with that, because that is a deeper level than thought. If clarity comes in words, fine, but don’t try to force that to happen. Just feel, enjoy, and remember the feeling and enjoyment. And offer thanks to Swamiji and Jesus for the blessing of their presence.