Overcome Karma With Meditation and Guru’s Blessings


How to forget the past rooted events in life, lost self confidence and realisation? I am doing the course of kriya yoga and practicing the instruction of Hong Sau and Om presently.

—Ashok , India


Dear Ashok,

Thank you for your inspiring question. You have now, with the study courses you are doing, answers that will help you overcome all obstacles with the practices of the Hong Sau, Om and Kriya Yoga techniques. This is the best approach for success in working with past karma and tendencies. A wonderful direction your life is taking!

Here are some more thoughts that might help you.

Yogananda said: “God is not vengeful. Just because a person has been in ignorance for one hundred years does not mean that he will have to work for another one hundred years, over the course of more than one lifetime, to work out the karma accrued over the one hundred years of ignorance. If a person is determined enough, and meditates a great deal, he can destroy the bad karma of all his past lives in a single lifetime… The fire of regular, deep meditations cauterizes the brain grooves which contain the records of bad karmic tendencies from the past lives, and thus overcomes the hidden evil. By regular deep meditation and right living, it is possible to overcome the bad karma of many past lives in a single lifetime.”

At the same time, the importance of developing your willpower cannot be overlooked. Weak willpower is one of the main reasons people fail to overcome bad habits; past karma holds them back. Have focused energy. Don’t be half-hearted in thoughts and actions. You can then develop the self-confidence and the concentration to overthrow bad habits. One of the best ways to strengthen willpower is to follow through always, regardless of obstacles, on any action that is right for you to do. Be conscious in choosing what is the right thing to do in all action — such as eating, reading, exercising, helping others — that it be based on good judgments and not habit.

Also, avoid discouraging influences. Choose to be with people who uplift you, whether family or friends. Notice how they influence your thinking. Minimize being with them if the influence is not uplifting, and seek other like-minded people. Distance yourself from books, media, and other leisure-time activity that may have negative effects and reinforce bad habits.

Lastly, never give up! Never give up trying. Stay in the receptive power of God’s love for you. If you can feel God’s love when you meditate, you further attract the grace of the Guru and overcome karma. The Guru is able to transmit cosmic energy into the brain of the disciple and remove all that does not lead the disciple to God. Soon you will find yourself changed and able to achieve the bliss-contact of God at will.

Many blessings on your efforts.

Joy to you,
Nayaswami Hassi