Muladhara Chakra

मूलाधार - mūlādhāra

The first chakra or coccyx center. Supports an attitude of either perseverance or stubbornness.

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maun - मौन

Complete silence; the spiritual practice of perpetual silence.

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Astrological Bangle

/ˌastrəˈläjikl ˈbaNGɡəl/

An astrological bangle is a band worn next to the skin which counteracts negative energy from the planets. Astrology is the study of humanity’s response to the planetary stimuli, the positive and negative radiations from the planets. Planets do not in themselves help or harm, but they act as a channel for people’s karma. Children are born at a time … Read More

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Astral Body

/ˈastrəl ˈbädē/

The astral body is the type of body one possesses in the astral world, where most beings go after death. It is made of prana, or life force.

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BrAhmi-sthiti - ब्राह्मी स्तिथि

Absolute oneness with the Infinite.

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brahmanāḍi - ब्रह्मनाडि

The causal (deepest) spine. Raising one’s energy through the brahmanadi is the last test a yogi must go through to attain full union with the Divine.

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अपरप्रकृति - aparāprakṛti

The outer world that we can experience through the senses.

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āpaṇa - आपण

The outgoing breath; descending energy in the astral (energetic, as opposed to physical) spine.

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aḍhyāṭma - अध्यात्म

Oversoul; God manifested as the soul of all beings.

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