A soul attached to a body. The ego divides the world into “mine” and “not mine.”

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Day of Brahma Definition

ब्रह्मा - deɪ əv ˈbrəhmɑː

A period of one kalpa or a thousand mahayugas during which creation is manifested.

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chit-uh - छित्त

Chitta is feeling, centered in the heart. It is subjectivity, one’s emotional reaction, affected by what it sees and it’s own nature.

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Chakra Meaning

चक्र - C̣akra

Literally means “wheel”. Refers to centers of energy in the astral spine.

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Causal World

/ˈkôzəl wərld/

The world of ideas or thoughts. It is the most subtle of the three worlds, or the closest one to God.

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Causal Body

/ˈkôzəl ˈbädē/

A body made of thought or ideas, rather than physical matter. A causal body is very similar to an individual soul.

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Caste System

kæst ˈsɪstəm

System of four true castes or “races” of man. Based not on birth but on man’s natural capacities and goals of life.

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Buddhi Meaning

बुद्धि - bʊd̪ˈd̪ʱiː

Intellect; discernment. One of the four aspects of consciousness.

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