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Japa and Chanting at Ananda



Hello, Is japa or chanting out loud the different names for God like Aum as a practice accepted in Ananda? I find it helps me to have better meditations when I do, along with affirmations and prayers.

Thanks for your help


Nayaswami Sahaja


Dear Anthony,

Not only are japa and chanting accepted at Ananda, they are encouraged practices. Both of these practices help to develop devotion and awareness of the presence of God.

Yogananda himself said "Chanting is half the battle". Chanting opens the heart and helps you to become more receptive to God's presence within and around you. Chanting prior to meditaiton, enriches and deepens your experience.

Japa helps the mind to stay focused on God. I like to practice Aum Guru, at the point between the eyebrows. Whatever inspires you and helps you to feel connected is fine.

It is wonderful that you are incorporating these things into your sadhana (spiritual practice). May your efforts be blessed.

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