Is Anger Always Caused by Desire?


Hi..I just read the article on anger by Nayaswami Jaya in which he says our frustrated desires are the causes of our anger.Master also said so.While desires is one of the causes,Idon’t think giving up desires can totally cure us of our anger.What about cases in which a loved one is murdered,or a husband leaves a wife and kids 10 years after marriage,or when one insults the other for no reason.Such causes of anger cant be attributed to desire.How can one deal with such anger.

—s, India, India


Dear One,

In the situations you mention, think about the individual that is in anger. Are they not suffering and acting violent because their expectations were not being realized? This lack of living in contentment with what is (santosha), results in further falls into adharma; disappointment, frustration, anger, and violence.

By not residing in and practicing dharma (adherence to right action), one falls prey to lower tendencies, sometimes quickly. And these states are far less than mankind’s potential for grace and the many opportunities to experience many aspects of God’s presence. This adds to a the disappointment and is a sign to turn away from this behavior.

Frustrated desires provoke darkness and unhappiness, because when happiness is sought outside of ourselves, in others or in things or conditions for instance, the understanding is misplaced, as the true source of that Light, Love, Peace, Calmness, Energy and Joy, are from Spirit, God, Satchitananda (ever-new Bliss). One has then distanced themselves from their very Friend and Beloved, that aspect of God Yogananda called Divine Mother. Sometimes out of desperation, force is used on people and situations, complicating the downfall from grace. This is known as Tamas, or dark inertia. Krishna advised Arjuna in The Bhagavad Gita to get away from this ocean of pain and suffering. It is demonic and leads to spiritual death and misery.

Similar to what you described, we learn that when we think anything is ours, such as even various family members, they really aren’t! And they may not and usually do not comply with our expectations nor desires, nor the roles we thought they had to play, either by their own nature or by outer circumstances, such as the supposed “Murder” you describe. Remember, my friend “s”, God is the real Director. So when one thinks, “I see that. I like it. I like the way it looks. It is mine.”

We are sliding head-first into the mud and muck of delusion; no matter the magnitude of longing, our desire is eventually going to be denied. For a deluded soul that already can’t perceive the universal connection to Spirit, missing that true Love their soul longs for is a likely flashpoint to anger, pain and suffering.

I did want to bring this response to a more more uplifting conclusion, however! Know that the teachings of our great Guru Paramhansa Yogananda are in total agreement and support for finding true happiness, that the key lies within our reach if we ask for it. So ask yourself, do I want Peace? Do I want Love? If yes, then say “Yes!” to life, martial your willingness and willpower to get yourself energized to magnetically draw open the curtains to know God’s grace.

There, as saints in all cultures throughout time have pronounced and live, is the end to all sorrows, including desire and anger. The path of Kriya Yoga answers this call. To learn how you can have this and more, please go to the Ananda Course in Self-Realization page.

Peace and Blessings,
Nayaswami Premdas