How to Avoid Quarrels and Maintain Spiritual Atmpsphere at Home?


How to avoid quarrels and maintain a spiritual atmosphere at home?

—Anudeep Sinha, India


Dear Anudeep,

I am assuming that your question is related to a married couple.

The secret of a harmonious marriage is mutual respect for each other. When both husband and wife meditate daily and have deep love for God, they try to be channels of God’s love to each other.
In Paramhansa Yogananda’s book: Spiritual Relationships (available here: he writes:
“Human love in marriage can never last unless its purpose is to express divine love. Without divine love, married couples fail to entertain or respect one another, and the marriage goes on the rocks. Sex charm, intellectuality, beauty, money, culture, or personal magnetism, cannot keep two souls together. Every man and woman seek perfect love in his or her mate, but it is impossible of fulfillment until divine love is expressed in action, motive and in all life’s ambitions.”

Therefore, the wife should see her husband as a reflection of the heavenly father, and the husband should see in his wife, the manifestation of divine mother.

Here is another suggestion from this book:
“The greatest secret of preserving matrimonial life lies in the art of self-control. Learn to love your wife or husband more on the spiritual plane, and associate with her or him as a close friend, without constantly focusing on the physical plane. If you can do that, you will win the greatest of all battles in keeping your spouse inwardly loyal, respectful, and loving toward you.”

Nayaswami Diksha