Beginning to Meditate


Hello and thanks for your help. I beginning meditating 6 minute ago and now after a while I have a headache that is so annoying. Can you please help me and what is the causes is it that I am pushing so hard.

—Hamza, Morocco


Hi Hamza,

Do you get headaches at other times or only when you are pushing hard? Meditation is not about doing, it is about being. If you push yourself during your meditation time you will run into problems. Swami Kriyananda said meditation is relaxing upward. The intent is to dissolve all tension and merge back into God. To keep from going to sleep, we must offer our energy, mind, thoughts, everything upwards. You can try meditating for God or with God, or if you have a guru, having him meditate through you. All of these ways will help keep tension, pain and headaches away as you meditate. Give them a try and tell us how it is going.