Claustrophobia and Visions in Meditation


I began to experience an intense sense of claustrophobia that subsided after several minutes. Then with my eyes closed I saw beautiful swirling colors, brighter than anything I see with eyes open. This faded to total blackness in the center of which I saw an eye outline in bright white with white eyelashes. It was the eye of a very old person and it rotated very slowly to face me and there was a white tear falling from this eye. What does this mean?

—Diane, America


Overcoming Claustrophobia & Understanding Visions/Images in Meditation

Hello Diane. In your sharing of a claustrophobic experience, you did not state whether this was associated with a singular moment in your life, perhaps just preceding the image you spoke of, or specifically, when you sit to meditate. In either case, it would be helpful to practice some relaxation techniques as well as techniques for expanding one’s consciousness. When one meditates with eyes closed, one enters a realm far beyond the darkness of closed eyes. If this is a new experience for you, give it some time. In fact, this realm is very familiar to the soul and you will readily learn to feel once again comfortable in it. You might look into our online meditation course which offers these. As far as your vision, it would be important to discern/remember the quality of energy you felt associated with it. Was it an energy that lifted your consciousness upwards? Was it a calming energy? Did it leave you feeling uplifted? While we don’t always understand immediately the message, a positive response to these questions above indicate something of possible meaning to you. If it, or a similar vision or image comes again, offer it upwards into the light at the spiritual eye. Inwardly ask to know its relevance and be patient and grateful. It will be revealed.

Joy to you, Nayaswami Maria