Combining Meditation with Other Practices


I have been doing meditation for almost 7 months and recently have started with EFT for chakra. Of late I have noticed I tend to sleep deeply and dream a lot. I always find it difficult to get up (It's like being drunk and just can't find the energy to get up) it's strange because I am a very light sleeper. Also I do not eat properly I just don't feel hungry earlier. I use to have a proper meal now only 1 meal is enough for me. Is it something to do with meditation or healing process within.

—Earl Dias, India


Dear Earl,

It appears the answer to your question may be to consider how you were sleeping and eating with meditation alone prior to beginning the EFT for Chakra practice. It is common for sleep to improve with meditation and for our attachments even to food to fade.

It is not normal to feel drunk and too fatigued to get up in the morning from meditation. I suggest you speak to your doctor about how you are feeling and see if there is a medical reason you are feeling this way. I suspect a possilbe hormone imbalance or infection might cause these symptoms.

May you feel ever closer to Divine Mother through your meditation practice and may these unusual symptoms heal quickly.

Joy to you!