Cooking in a Microwave


I often heat up my family’s food in the microwave. It is so convenient.

However, many people who practice yoga recommend me not to use the microwave oven.

They argue that the microwave destroys the quality of the food.

What can you advise?



Initiated into discipleship this year.

—Oleg, Russia


Dear Oleg,

I once read about a research that was done comparing different methods of cooking vegetables: steaming, sauteeing, baking and using a microwave. Kirlian photography was used, which photograph the magnetic field (aura) of the objects, in this case vegetables.

Before cooking, the raw vegetables had a nice bright aura around them.

After cooking in different methods the aura shrank a bit, but was still there. The only method of cooking that the aura was completely diminished was after using microwave.

From what I read, microwave does destroy the molecular structure of foods.

You can try a simple experiment: boil a cup of water in a microwave and another cup of water on the stove. Taste each one and see if there is a difference.

I don’t use a microwave myself, unless there is no other choice.