Darwinism vs. Yoga


What is the difference between what charles darwin said about the beginning of life and human development and what yoganda said about this? did we evolved from apes?

thank u

and God bless u

—tim, thailand/norway


Dear Tim,

Darwinism theorizes that human beings descended from lower species (primates, specifically). Consequently paleontologists are forever searching for “the missing link” that will confirm this theory.

Paramhansa Yogananda, however, stated that no such link exists. He said that human beings were an act of special creation, and no other species has the sophisticated astral (energy) nervous system that alone enables one to achieve union with God. That is why it’s not possible for lower species to evolve to the human level (except, of course, through reincarnation, which is about soul evolution, not species evolution).

Yogananda did not say, however, that there is no such thing as evolution; species do indeed evolve, and that includes humans.