Does being overweight make meditation and yoga postures more difficult?


I have been following Yoganandaji's teachings for over 1 year and want to begin taking the online courses to learn the path of Kriya Yoga. I am overweight and wonder if my weight will be a difficulty for me in meditation if I am unable to do certain postures fully. I hope you will help me with this.

Thank you



Your ability to do the yoga postures is not inherently linked to your ability to meditate, which is far more important for spiritual growth than are the asanas (postures). However, your weight could impede both meditation and asana practice if it interferes with your breathing, as is often the case for overweight people. So move forward with your meditation practice, and do what you can about your weight issue.

The asanas can be helpful for both meditation and weight control, and it’s good to do them if you have time, even if you need to modify them substantially (which I encourage you to do as needed). In that vein, read the article on “Yoga for Round Bodies” in our Yoga Teacher Support Center. You will find there some helpful tips for asana practice.

So don’t let your weight hold you back. You can do it! I wish you all the best with your meditation (and asana!) practice.