Enjoying Solitude


How did Yogananda wiew people who liked to be alone ?

i mean me i like to be alone. I Have no problem with it i also like to be with other people. But i can with no problem stay weeks monts even years alone and still be happy. Is this somthing that can work agaisnt my path to God, Or does God think it is better to be happy the way you are.

And why is it that many people have a hard time understanding that you can be happy by yourself and still work in the world

—AA, Europe


Paramhansa Yogananda was very strong about the need for a devotee to spend time alone. It is a crucial part of finding God. “Seclusion is the price of greatness,” he would say.

All I would say is, don’t waste your time alone by giving no thought to God. It is a spiritual blessing to have such time. Use it to deepen your relationship with Spirit via ever-deeper meditation, prayer, chanting, affirmations, and the constant practice of the presence of God.

If you had a phobia as to other people, or a sense of egotistical aloofness from others, then I would express concern, but it doesn’t not sound like either is the case. So go ahead, spend time alone as you feel to, and don’t feel strange about it.

As for people who can’t understand how you can feel this way, there’s not a lot you can say to them. They feel the way they feel. Just be kind to them, bless them, and continue on. And perhaps pray for them during your time alone.