Feeling Light and Blissful


While meditating i feel like the body i’m living in is going light as a feather i feel very very light almost like my hands and legs are not even there just disappeared this feeling is accompanied with lots of bliss. What is this experience of mine? Please guide me and explain it to me in detail.

—Buddha, India


Dear Buddha,

Thank you for your inquiry. You are blessed to have this experience. In meditation one experiences a shift in consciousness by shifting the object of his concentration from the external physical body and matter to the inward awareness of oneself as energy. This energy does not have boundaries associated with it or weight or other physical properties. We are in essence experiencing our astral body which is made of light. For this reason you feel weightless. The feeling of bliss is associated perhaps some with this but primarily due to a rise in energy in the astral spine. As the energy moves upwards toward the spiritual eye, bliss is felt. When you have experiences of this nature, be grateful to God and offer yourself to Him in service and devotion.

Boundless blessings, Nayaswami Maria