Getting Past Cannabis Addiction


I have always struggled with cannabis addiction. I understand that this habit poisons not just our will power but also the lungs and the brain. Any addiction is counter to the teachings and the ray of the Masters. It is a hindrance to the seeker and inner freedom. In meditation I once felt the Guru say, “I can’t work through you when you smoke.” Could it be any more clear? Do you have suggestions?



Dear PNG,

You’re quite right about the damage that this habit can wreak—physically, mentally and spiritually. And I agree with you: what the Guru said couldn’t be clearer. You know what you need to do. The question is, Will you do it? I suggest a few steps:

  • There are treatment programs for this addiction. Seek one out. Today.
  • To support your treatment program, cultivate ever-greater desire to get free of the habit. It’s just as Paramhansa Yogananda said about cultivating love for God: No one can give you that desire; you have to cultivate it yourself. To help that happen, build within your mind and heart a clear picture of life without this addiction. Above all, how will it feel? Spend time enjoying that feeling, for that will build your hunger for freedom.
  • Strengthen your willpower. Yoganandaji suggested many ways, and here is one: Every day, do something that you didn’t think you could do. Here’s another: Get on a regular schedule of breaking little habits, even harmless ones, such as which shoe you always put on first. Little bits of freedom will add up.
  • Ask God and Guru for help. Some things in life simply cannot be done alone. For most people, breaking addictions is one of them. Don’t think you can win without help. It’s too much of a gamble, and there’s no upside to winning on your own, even if you could do so.
  • Spend time with people who are breaking (or have broken) their own habits—any habits, not only cannabis addiction. Their magnetism will be an immense help. That’s one reason why AA (and related) programs can be successful. If you embark on such a program, consider attending An 11th Step Retreat at The Expanding Light.

All the best to you.