Where to Hang Sacred Photos?


Dear Minister,

We would like to place the pictures of Babaji and Paramhansa Yogananda in our home.

What is the ideal location and direction for placing the same?

Also, is there anything specific other than location and direction that we need to know before we place it?



—Nandini, India


Dear Nandini,

According to the yogic teachings, one should have a meditation room or a special space set aside for meditation. When we meditate the best directions to face are:

East or North, in order to align our energy with the magnetic flow of universal energy. Therefore the altar should be placed at those places. You can hang the pictures on the East or North wall of that room. So when you meditate, you are facing these sacred pictures.

This is a general recommended guideline. Please try it and see how you feel about it. If you feel inspired to place the pictures somewhere else, you can follow your intuitive guidance.