Hey! I have some questions about meditation. How can I know that I am in deep meditation? What happens with our energy when we meditate? I always have cold hands, but since I started meditating every day, they aren’t cold so often. Why? I mostly feel really happy when I meditate, but sometimes I start to feel sad or upset for no reason after meditation. It is just like I remembered things I am upset about. Why that happens?


—Jelena, Croatia


There are a lot of things that happen in meditation. When you are still, quiet, and aware inwardly, you begin to experience deeper parts of yourself. What happens when you go into deep meditation during your practice, is your energy begins to withdraw from the periphery of the body into the astral spine, or spine of energy, in the center of the body.

This also occurs when we go to sleep! The difference is that in sleep the energy is drawn into the lower part of the spine and the subconscious level of awareness. What happens in deep meditation is that your energy is drawn into the upper part of the spine and the superconscious. Moods or sad feelings generally occur when your energy is in the lower part of the spine. Raise the energy in your spine, and you will find that moods and sadness go away.

An effective way to do this is to concentrate deeply at the point between the eyebrows for at least five minutes. Concentration at that point creates a magnet that draws energy in the spine upward. Once it reaches the higher centers, or chakras, in the spine, then your energy is transformed into a positive expression, such as feeling happy. As you practice this more regularly in your own life, your direct experience will prove this to you.

Understanding how this works is like a magic key. It helps you to understand more about who you are inwardly, how energy works in the body, and how you can change your life in very positive ways.

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