How to Clean an Astrological Bangle


I have an astrological bangle from Ananda and often the copper turns a dark color around the sides, while the gold and silver remain shiny. Recently I cleaned it with a soft toothbrush and Comet, scratch free cleaner (contains bleach also). It made the copper clean and shiny, but I wanted to ask if it is ok to clean the bangle this way periodically? I don't want to diminish the protective power of the bangle by doing something that might not be good for it.

—Stacia, USA


Dear Stacia,

The copper is the most active of the three metals in the bangle, with silver being the second. Both of them will discolor in the presence of shampoo and soap, as well as perspiration and perfumes. My own copper strand, for instance, stays red but my silver goes black. Each person’s environment and chemistry is different.

Because the bangle metals are much softer than kitchen ware, I do not recommend cleansers, but instead I do recommend toothpaste. Also, at the hardware store you might find a product called “Nev’r Dull” which is also helpful in restoring the shine without abrading the soft metals.

Master’s joy to you,
Kent White

[Editor’s note: Wondering what an astrological bangle is, and if they are useful to have? You can find out more information at the answerer’s website about astrological bangles, and in Chapter 16 of Autobiography of a Yogi.]