I do meditation , not regularly, but for few weeks I put extra effort and now am hearing 24 X 7 non stop high humming sound from right ear for almost 3 weeks. Though it is not disturbing me but I am having doubts whether it could be medical problem.

Is there a way to pinpoint it is due to meditation.

—rakesh, India


There are sounds that can be heard in meditation, with some coming from the internal working of the physical body. Other sounds may come as we become more deeply concentrated in meditation, and can be the inner subtle sounds of the chakras.

From what you are describing I would think that what you are hearing is probably not the sounds of the chakras. But, of course I may be wrong. One question to ask is, Is the sound of humming while meditating uplifting or annoying in feel? If it is annoying, then I would assume that it is from physical sounds of the body. If it is uplifting, then it might be something deeper.
Either of these may be an indication of which way your energy is moving in meditation – more outward or more inward.

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