Is There a Difference Between Kundalini Energy and Prana?


The Kundalini energy is different from the prana flowing in the spine, right? So whenever we think a good thought, some part of kundalini rises. Does it get mixed up with the prana while rising up or does it take a different passage(like the sushumna nadi?)?

Please clarify one more doubt, when a person becomes breathless then does that mean that his prana is flowing in the sushumna(or astral) spine?

Thanks for help!

—mk, India


The Kundalini energy is not different from the prana flowing in the spine. There are not two different pranas flowing in the spine, but only different manifestations and flows. Usually our energy (prana) flows up and down in the ida/pingala, inhaling as it rises in the ida and exhaling as it descends in pingala.

Kundalini is a powerful prana curled up at the base of the spine which, when awakened, rises in the sushumna, taking us ultimately to enlightenment. This is still the one prana, just a different manifestation.

As far as I know, Swamiji said that you can be in breathlessness and still have the “astral breath” flowing up and down in the ida and pingala (not in the sushumna). Breathlessness doesn’t automatically mean the energy is in the sushumna.

I hope this is clarifying for you.