Itchy, restless sensation in meditation


Hello Dear friends,

My Name is Robert from Ireland and here is my question for your team.

I've been meditation about 50min most nights for the last year or so by focusing on the point between the eyebrows and fallowing the breath through the nose, but lately I'm being distracted by my base chakra becoming 'itchy' with a slight feeling of fruition and restlessness when this itching feeling starts. I've had to stop mid way through many meditations as my mind is drawn to heavily to this intrusion as you could imagine . I would be grateful of any help or advice you could give me on this matter.

Many thanks, Robert.

—Robert McCartney, Ireland


Hello Robert,

Yes, such things happen, and they are indeed distracting. Try this: When it begins to happen, tense and relax the muscles around the anus 5-10 times. Tense rather hard, and relax completely. Also do that a few times when you first sit to meditate. Cultivate the feeling that you are releasing energy from the area of the first chakra to rise through the spine.

If the distraction persists, do some yoga postures before you sit to meditate, especially postures that stretch out the hip/pelvis area, e.g.:

  • Kneeling lunge — front knee over front ankle, back knee on the floor, torso upright with fingers interlaced on front knee and pelvis releasing toward the floor
  • Upavistha Konasana — sit with legs straight and spread wide, then slowly bend forward at the hips (and eventually, the spine), keeping your spine long
  • Pavanamuktasana — deep squat, feet flat on floor (or heels on a cushion if they won’t reach the floor), arms circled around your knees and hugging them to your chest, tailbone releasing toward floor. (Be careful of your knees. It’s best to exit the pose by rolling back onto your buttocks and getting up from there.)

I hope this helps.

Blessings on your meditations,