I Keep Slipping, Spiritually


I start meditation,but I have problem I could not sustain ,lacking inspiration..at times,then I become hesitant ,going after bad behavior ..watching sexual films, disappointed,how can I avoid such situations? I am ok now,but it happened again and again in the past,so an fearful

—Bibins, India


Dear Binins,

You are going through a common struggle, and I applaud your desire to win. You definitely can win, but you need to muster your willpower and vow to win, no matter what it takes. No one can win the struggle for you. Do not be fearful of those episodes when you have slipped, for that will only give them power over you. Instead, put high energy into activities that support your spiritual life. Here are some of the most important such activities:

  • Satsang: spend time with people who have high, spiritual ideals. (This is extremely important.)
  • Feed your spiritual longing with inspirational reading, audios, or videos
  • Go on a spiritual retreat or pilgrimage
  • Avoid people, places and activities that tempt you to follow old, destructive habits
  • Take advantage of opportunities to serve other people who are in need, or people with high, spiritual ideals
  • Practice japa: continually repeat, silently, a mantra or a name of God that inspires you
  • Find a “relief valve” that you can turn to whenever you feel tempted. It can be very simple, such as 10 deep, smooth breaths, or 3 yoga postures, or a chant or bhajan that you love.
  • Pray that God will help you in your efforts. Lovingly demand it, as God’s own child. If you are sincere, He will help you.

    There is much you can do to prevail, and only you can do it. Never give up!