Is Krishna the Supreme God? (continued)


Nayaswami Gyandev Ji,

That is right that Krishna is one with God... Buddha is one with God... Jesus with one God....but then who is God please explain what his name? In The Bhagavad Gita it written there are three types of realization of God 1) Impersonal Brahman 2) parmatma (within heart as god or Krishna) and 3) As bhagwan what thing are you talking about (second one)? Please explain, it's very confusing :)

—, India


Dear Saksham Anand,

Yes, it can be confusing, with all the different names for, and concepts of, God. But God is all of those things—and more. God is both infinite and infinitesimal, impersonal and personal. God is simply everything!

We don’t have to understand exactly what God is in order to come closer to Him/Her—which is fortunate, because our little minds cannot possibly hold such understanding. The important thing is to be in relationship with God, in whatever way is meaningful to you, and to seek constantly to deepen that relationship. It does not matter if you think of God as Brahman, or as Krishna, or as Divine Mother, or as AUM, or as Truth, or as Love, or as Joy. Just seek God in whatever way feels natural and comfortable to you, and let God lead you to an ever-deeper divine connection.

Since you mention the Gita, I should also point out that, in the Gita, Krishna recommends relating to God in a personal way rather than as an unmanifested absolute—not because the personal approach is truer than the impersonal, but because the personal is easier: we are all too likely to become overly vague when we don’t have a relatively tangible point of focus.