Meditating in the bedroom, since I don’t have a meditation room


I have been practicing Kriya yoga wholeheartedly for 4-5 years, and have experienced tremendous transformation since then. My question is: I dont have a separate room to practice meditation so i am doing it in my bedroom. Is this proper, or should i stop practicing till I get a separate room?

—D.satyajeet, india


I think you’ve answered your own question — if you have experienced tremendous transformation meditating this way, then it’s clear that what you’re doing is just fine and proper! Many people don’t have a large enough home to have a separate meditation room. Do the best you can. Make a small altar in your bedroom, or put up a small screen to create a separate ‘space’. But even if you can’t do that much, rest assured that meditation can be practiced anywhere, and that the grace of God can come to us wherever we are, when we practice meditation with deep devotion and sincerity.