An Attraction to Krishna


I know Lord Krishna from my age of 2, I mean at a very, very young stage. My interest for him turned as an addiction, that was strongly opposed by many.
So because of my parent’s compulsion I tried to avoid him at 13. I started to plan my life as a teenager and made many friends. Among them I felt more intimacy to some. About 7 years passed. Gradually, I came to realize that all I had intimacy for share some personal features resembling Krishna in face. What is all these?

—Arsha M Dev, India


Dear Arsha,

You are blessed to feel such an attraction to Krishna. Because that attraction is so deep, it is not surprising that those to whom you have become closest might bear some resemblance to the way that you picture Krishna. It is simply an outward reflection of your deep inward attraction to Krishna, the result of conscious and subconscious preferences as well as, perhaps, superconscious insights.

Far better, however, to be attracted to those whose consciousness most resembles Krishna’s. Outward resemblances, after all, are not important. Krishna is said to have had a beautiful face, yet many great saints have had rather homely features. It’s best to look inside.