The Nine-Day Cleansing Diet


I have a weight issue and struggle going up and down on my weight, and would like to do the nine-day diet, but there is not one till January. By chance is there someone there who would assist me? Also, can I use potatoes since you allow one cooked vegetable? Also, must it all be organic? Do you have advice for me to keep at a healthy weight? Thank you , Chris

—Chris Mc, USA


Dear Chris,

The nine-day cleansing diet will help you not only to loose weight but also to revitalize your body cells.

I am sending you the link to the nine-day diet as it is described by Nayaswami Devi, the co-director of Ananda, who has been doing it for many years. Her guidance will be helpful for you to do it yourself.

As for using potato, I don’t think it’s allowed, since it is a starchy vegetable. As much as possible use organic vegetables.

Here is the link to the article:

My best wishes,