Offer Your Mistakes to God


Swami Kriyananda said in one of his discourses that master said we should offer to god even the mistakes we make and make him responsible for them so that he gives us the power to change them.How do we offer to god?



Dear Friend:

Offering oneself to God is mostly a matter of intention, at least at the beginning, because we can’t give to God (or to anyone) that which we don’t own. And for a long time on the spiritual path we are, in a sense, a house divided.

Even though the over all direction has been set, some of our “mental citizens” may still resist. So our offering is incomplete.

God, however, doesn’t care. He made us this way. He understands. He knows that sooner or later, if we persevere, even the rebellious aspects of our nature will be drawn into the divine flow.

In the meantime, whenever these “rebels” gain temporary control and send us helter skelter in directions we don’t really want to go, the most important thing is not to give up your overall direction.

In other words, no matter how wandering your route to God, you are still on the path to Him. And even the detours are part of your journey.

Offering your mistakes to God is a way of saying, “I may not be coming in a straight line, Lord, but I am on my way home! Keep the lamp lit and the door open!”

God is your best friend. Offering your mistakes to Him is another way of saying, “Hide nothing from God.” Do not be ashamed. Do not be embarrassed. Don’t become discouraged.

If you make a mistake, whether large or small, just say to God, “Help me. I know You are with me. With Your help, all limitations will be overcome.”

If you close yourself, and hide what you consider to be your errors from His light, then your reward is that you get to keep them, and probably repeat them. Not the result we are looking for.

Open yourself completely to God and the experience of His loving presence will drive all darkness out of your heart forever. “Blessed are the pure in heart,” the Bible says, “for they shall see God.”

In divine friendship,

Nayaswami Asha