Physical Sensations in Meditation



While I am doing meditation I feel like a huge source of energy is falling to my forehead and pushing me forward and at the same time. My head itself is pushing against the energy. If I continue with meditation the energy comes down through nose to lower neck and center of chest.

I was continuously doing for 4 years, now I have stopped because of this experience. Is this normal in meditation?

Shall I continue?

—vincy, United Kingdom


Dear Vincy,

When meditating, we might have a variety of experiences that can seem strange—and what you have experienced certainly fits that description. But since I don’t know what kind of meditation technique you were practicing, I can’t really know why it has happened to you.

One thing that often comes up when people are experiencing “pressure” in the body is the possibility of tension having crept into your practice. That is where you might start: look for physical, mental, or emotional tensions, and try to release them.

Beyond that, I would recommend that you read the meditation basics from Ananda, and see if there is anything that might improve what you are doing.

Here is the link to Meditation Basics: