Prayer for Help with a Career Change



I’m having trouble praying for an opportunity for a career change. The job I currently have is unfulfilling. I’ve become certified to become a personal trainer in the hope of helping people improve their quality of life. However, I’m having trouble finding a job. I wish to pray for an opening but feel like it is a selfish request and isn’t “worthy.” I’m confused as how to proceed. Any guidance would be very appreciated.

Thank you and God bless,


—Josh, USA


Dear Josh,

Yogananda in his book, Whispers from Eternity, prefers to use the word “demand” instead of the word “prayer.” [Editor’s note: See the “Hints to the Reader” section.] He said that we are God’s children and therefore have dominion over all things in the universe, even as He has. Therefore we have the right to demand of our Heavenly Father to help fulfill our needs.

From what you are writing, you are clear about what you need, and your wish is to help other people. Why then, is it selfish of you to pray for help?

Yogananda said that if he didn’t have a job, he would churn the ether until he got one.

God is your father and friend and wants to help you. But you need to reach up to Him, open your heart, and ask for His help. Pour your heart to Him without any reservation and listen intently for His answer. Keep calling Him until He responds.