Premarital Sex and Levels of Energy


Good morning

A question which has often struck me. Having sex with different partners before marriage is often looked down upon by society with contempt. Why? After all we aren’t committed and hurting anyone. It is a desire and science says that having sex regularly boosts our energy.


—Rohit Majumdar, India


Hello Rohit,

I will leave social and scientific arguments to others. This forum is about the yogic perspective. Great masters have often said that sex depletes the life force. It has nothing to do with commitment to a relationship or not hurting anyone else. Great yogis are usually celibate, or at least have sex only rarely, because the very same life force that is expended during sex is what is needed in order to raise consciousness.

In Conversations with Yogananda, the master is quoted as follows: “Did you know that one seminal emission is equal to losing a quart of blood? It saps your power. There is power in that fluid, naturally; there has to be. It was given you to create new life.”

In addition. sex without relationship commitment tends to make one close off the heart as a way to ensure emotional safety. The more uncommitted sex, the more layers of enclosure. That’s not a good thing for anyone, but certainly not for the yogi, given that an open heart is absolutely crucial in the quest for Self-realization.

Finally, there is the issue of sensory indulgence. The spiritual quest calls for overcoming the compulsion toward sensory gratification, and sex is the most compelling of all sensory gratifications. Too much of it tends to make one a slave to the senses.

That is not to say that sex is a bad thing. It is a matter of how often, and for what purpose.