Questions About Leaving the Body in Meditation


i am afraid if i go deep in meditation i may leave the body permanently. What measures should one take in order to avoid it.

—prashanth, india


Leaving the body permanently in meditation is not the problem. The problem is simply quieting the mind enough to become aware that the body is not our only reality.

There are many attachments that each of us has to this world: to our family, loved ones and friends; to our children; identification with our work and any success we may think we have accomplished; to our possessions – and on and on it goes.

Identification with the ego makes these attachments binding for us through many lifetimes. And it is these attachments and this ego that draw us back again and again to numerous human births.

You will not be able to leave your body permanently in meditation as long as you still have any of the above attachments (and many more that are not listed here!)

But the fear you are expressing will also make it impossible to relax enough to go deeper in meditation. Without a deeper experience in meditation it is very difficult to understand who we really are, and to let go of the many fears we have about life and about our own relationship to it.

God is love and wants only that we remember who and what we really are: children of His light. This is the deepest purpose that meditation has to offer.

I hope you will be able to take up meditation and practice it without fear of “what might happen.” I would suggest that you find a good teacher and teaching that can help you do this. Ananda India, located in both Gurgaon and Pune, is one place you will find both of these.