Scoliosis and Energy in the Spine


I’ve only been doing meditation focusing on the spiritual eye for a week or so, but can feel rapid progress. When I am completely centered on the eye, the base of my spine feels electric, I hear a popping noise and can feel a huge wave of energy rising up.

However, I have scoliosis (two curves in my spine) and when the above happens I automatically become nervous, thinking of my spine not raising the kundalini through it’s middle.

Should I be nervous?

—Bee, Australia


Dear Bee,

When you meditate and experience the rising of energy, this means that your energy goes up in the astral (energy) spine. The astral spine is not the backbone (those knobs that can be felt along the back), but runs more or less through the center of the body. The shape of the physical spine can influence how energy flows in the astral spine, but does not dictate everything. You can counteract most or all of that influence, through a strong visualization of a straight astral spine.

So continue to do your meditation practice without being nervous, and focus your will power to visualize the astral spine as being straight.