Secrets of Accomplishment


Hi. What is the difference between power of thought and divine energy? Whatever Einstein, Edison, Newton created or what Lata Mangshkar, Pt. Ravi Shankar, Mozart or Michael Jackson achieved, are they the manifestation of their divine energy or power of thought?


—Sana, India


Thought and energy are aspects of two different levels of divine manifestation: Thought is part of the causal world of ideas, and energy is part of the astral world of energy. The achievements of every human being — whether famous or not — are the result of both divine energy and the power of thought. We have an intention (thought), and we work toward manifesting that intention by putting out energy (which is divine energy because everything comes from God). Both are vital to any success, whether large or small.

We increase our chances of successful outcomes when we (a) attune ourselves to the essence of that which we seek to accomplish, and (b) powerfully clothe our thoughts and energy in a success vibration. Those who achieve great things in life tend to be very accomplished at doing these things. Others are in the process of learning how.

The book How to Be a Success, by Paramhansa Yogananda, is a valuable guide to acquiring these skills.