Shedding the Ego


I think in my life I accumulated so much of negatives as anger, hatred, sad emotions etc. This type of mind set gave me a frame for my future events. Out of these life experiences, I got a huge ego that is creating unnecessary pain to my mind. I used to immerse in those bad feelings of past. Now I realize about my ego and I wish to shed it. How can I succeed in this?

—Raju, India


Dear Raju,

Thank you for your question. If you’ve come to the point where F

you desire to shed your ego, then you’re almost free! Yogananda said that our every desire must be satisfied, including the desire to be free of the ego!

Swami Kriyananda has given 27 techniques for overcoming the ego in Chapter 9 of A Renunciate Order for the New Age, available free on-line. This book describes the Nayaswami Order, which has ego-transcendence as its primary goal. Here are a few of Swamiji’s suggestions:

  • If someone belittles something you’ve done, say to him, “I am sorry it doesn’t please you. I hope to succeed better next time.” Meanwhile, tell yourself, “The fruits of all my actions, whether good, mediocre, or bad, belong only to God. It is He who has dreamed this whole show.”
  • When someone criticizes you, analyze yourself to see whether there may not be something in you that needs correction. Don’t answer hotly or challengingly, “Oh? And what about you?!” – proceeding then to list his shortcomings, which balance your own. Don’t be defensive, and never try to justify yourself. Often, however, it is a mistake to admit to a fault, for unless the other person is a true friend, he may someday hold that admission over your head. Simply say, “Thank you. Maybe you are right. I will give the matter my careful consideration.” In this way you will not involve yourself in any personal or emotional complications.
  • Try to have neither a superiority nor an inferiority complex. Tell yourself simply, “Whatever is, is; and whatever I am, I am. I refuse to make value judgments in the matter. All of us are simply playing our parts in the cosmic drama. Let me do my best, only, to play my part well.”

You will find 31 additional techniques in Sadhu, Beware!, available in India and America.

May God ever bless your efforts, Raju!