Songs and Prayers for Children


I am wondering if Master or Swamiji ever created or suggested a special song or prayer for children. Often when I start our nightly prayers with "Divine Mother, Heavenly Father, Friend Beloved God. . ." my two-year-old son asks for a song. Any suggestions? He loves the song "Receive, Lord, in Thy Light" song for meals and always joins in at the end for the "Aum" part.

Thank you.

—Amber, USA


Dear Amber – yes, there are quite a few children’s songs that I think you would like. The first is Guide Me Lord:

1. Guide me, Lord, throughout this day; In all I do, in all I say. Tell me when I go astray; Hold me in Thy light. 2. Help me see that happiness Comes not with wanting more, but less. Teach me all my friends to bless, Hold them in Thy light.

The other is Of His Dreams Our Love Was Made:

1. God is our father, our mother, too; God is our dearest treasure. God’s ever near, the one friend who Loves us without any measure. Of his dreams our love was made. Only from Him is love repaid. 2. Let us in gladness all live for Him; Serve Him in every season. Serve Him with thought, with hand and limb; Love Him without any reason. God befriends us as we are: Fools we, that hold his love afar!

Some albums available on iTunes are All the World Is My Friend and I Came From Joy, published by Crystal Clarity Publishers.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance!

In joyful service,