Space, light, and harmony



I am an architect and have been wondering, if spaces have an aura (positive or negative vibes) about them.

If so, how is it possible to design spaces with certain postive aspects.

—priyal, India


Priyal, you bring up a very good question. The yogic teachings state that everything is this universe is conscious, including the so-called inanimate objects. Thus, buildings and dwelling places have a certain “feeling” about them, generated, among other things, by their design.

It is certainly possible to create uplifting, harmonious surroundings to help bring God’s beauty into this world. Swami Kriyananda wrote a wonderful book on this subject: Space, Light, and Harmony. Beautifully illustrated, it tells the story of Crystal Hermitage, his home at Ananda Village, which also serves as the spiritual center of the community.

The book talks about practical aspects of architectural choices and interior design. It also explores deeper principles behind creating a harmonious, invinting, nurturing home.

I highly recommend it!

In friendship,