Spiritual Eye



For a few days now, with my eyes open I see a small golden circle surrounding dark, (similar to the one I see during meditation or when i concentrate on the spiritual eye ) and at times i see a spark of blue light. But both come at their own wish and I am not able to find what makes them come. I am planning on making a doctor appointment to make sure my eyes are okay. Still am curious to know if this happens in the spiritual path.

Please guide, thank you

—Ramya , USA


Dear Ramya,

You share you see a golden circle around a darker color when you concentrate on the spiritual eye and at times with your eyes open and not necessarily concentrating on the kutastha center. This is a normal phenomenon and one of many blessings along the spiritual path. Enjoy these moments and try to enter into the circle whenever you see it in deep stillness and receptivity. You are seeing the spiritual eye which is the doorway to freedom in God.

In Divine Love and Friendship,