Swami Kriyananda’s mission


I was just reading 'A Place Called Ananda' and I must say that I am simply appalled and disgusted by the treatment given to Swami Kriyanada by the SRF Members! Moreover it feel depressed to my very core when I wonder how could god just stand by and let his devotee wriggle like this in a swamp of misery? Swamiji says that this test gave birth to Ananda, but If this is the kind of treatment given to one so dedicated his guru like swamiji then what hope do we ordinary mortals have in our life?

—Ashwath, India


Dear Ashwath,

Yes, that was an incredibly painful period for Swami Kriyananda, but he now says it was the best thing that ever happened to him, and he is very grateful for it.

He would have stayed with that organization no matter how he was treated, yet if he had been allowed to stay, he would not have been able to do more than a tiny fraction of what he has done since. So it is a bountiful net gain for the world and for Yoganandaji’s mission, as well as for Swamiji personally.

All of us get tested, but the tests are never bigger than our capacity to overcome them, and it is by overcoming them that we grow the most. That growth, not comfort and “fairness,” is God’s and guru’s priority. So do not worry if you think you could not rise above such treatment as Swamiji received at the hands of his gurubhais. That was his test, not yours. Each of us has a unique karma to work through. Your tests will be your own, and you will indeed have the capacity to meet them when they come, with God’s help.

Meanwhile, do not worry about what might be coming. As Yoganandaji said, “What comes of itself, let it come.” Focus instead on developing more love for God. That, in the final analysis, is what got Swamiji through that nightmare, and it will get you through whatever comes your way as well.

Blessings on your spiritual life,