The Purpose of Life


What is purpose of my life. I find it totally meaningless if i am the soul then why i am here on this planet. People say self realization is the supreme goal of the file but why was i sent to this planet if i was already perfect (The Soul)

—Adit, India


Dear Adit,

Your soul is perfect. Unfortunately, your ego must still be present along with your soul or you wouldn’t need to be on this planet. The teachings of Self-realization and the guidance and grace of a true guru provide the necessary keys to guide you out of the labyrinth of your mind and your karma that you may fully realize you are One with All that is.

Once you realize you are Satchitananda, there is no reason for you to return to this earthly plane ever again unless you wish to help others, who like you, wish to know the purpose of their lives.

God bless you as you offer yourself ever more completely in to the truth of your highest Self.