The Various Benefits of Kriya


I am Mathan form Chennai, India.

very interested in Kriya yoga, i heard doing kriya ther will be finance loss as side effect of burning karma?, can kriya yoga will help me to improve in material world too?, i having hypertension and dyslexia will kriya yoga help me? can i practice with reiki or pranic healing?

please clear my doubt, iam search very long

Thank you


—n.mathan kumar, india


Goodness, no – Kriya does not cause financial problems. To the contrary, all of the practices that are part of the Path of Kriya Yoga help one over time to become more magnetic, concentrated, joyful, energetic, and therefore successful. Kriya does hasten the working out of past bad karma, so it can also alleviate bad financial karma at the same time.

Kriya can also help with various health problems. It doesn’t always ‘cure’ them, but it can help us in dealing with them and compensating for them in other ways.

There is no conflict between Kriya and some other healing methods, such as Reiki. Kriya does require a comittment of time and energy, so people tend to have less time for other practices – but generally less of a need for them also.