The year 2012


Dear Ananda minister, my question to you is about the year 2012 and the alleged closing of a galactic cycle around that point in time. It is widely circulated in popular esoteric discourse that many ancient traditions, most notably the Mayan, articulated the importance of the time frame around 2012 as a defining one in terms of the spiritual evolution of this dear planet and its inhabitants. Did the masters of the Kriya tradition have anything to communicate about 2012 and its significance?

—Sudhakaran, UK


Dear Sudhakaran:

Swami Kriyananda became a disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda in 1948, and lived with him for 3 1/2 years until Yogananda’s death on March 7, 1952. Many times during those years, Swamiji tells us, Master spoke of the hard times that were coming.

He spoke of depression, war, and “cataclysms,” which Swamiji understood to mean natural disasters or other drastic changes to the whole planet. Master “thundered” his warning, Swamiji said, and made it seem as if those changes were imminent. But he never put a time frame around his prophecy.

There have been many conflicts and crises in the world in the 60+ years since Master left his body, but we haven’t yet seen anything on the scale that he described.

The good news, Master and our other gurus have said, is that we are in an age of ascending consciousness: Dwapara Yuga, the Age of Energy. So this is not a decline into darkness, but rather a dramatic shift into greater awareness and light.

God is going to perform a little operation, Master said, to correct the greed, selfishness, lack of faith in God, and coercive rather than cooperative attitude toward Nature that is creating so much misery and disharmony. Earth itself is going to rebel and shake off this dissonance, perhaps literally.

After these difficult times, Master said, mankind, sick to death of war and violence, will enjoy 300 years of peace and prosperity.

Master never mentioned the year 2012, but his essential message is the same as that being conveyed by those who do put a specific date on these events.

We shall soon see.

In divine friendship,
Nayaswami Asha