Vibration Under the Legs in Meditation


Recently I have started meditation in Padmasana position. While doing meditation, many times I felt upward force vibration under my folded legs. Could you please explain what it is and it there any issue with it?

Thanks in advance for reply!

—Ravi, India


Dear Ravi,

I assume that you have already determined that this force is not coming from a physical vibration within or near the building where you meditate. If the force seems to be coming from around the base of your spine, then it is likely a stirring of the kundalini energy. As long as it is not uncomfortable, it is a good thing. Do not, however, pay unnecessary attention to it. If you feel it, okay. If you stop feeling it, that is okay also. Just keep meditating.
Blessings on your practice.
Nayaswami Gyandev