What is the true purpose of my life?


Who are we? I realize that I do not have control over the body. I am not the one who will dictate my heart to beat. I am not the one who will dictate my blood to flow. I had a strange observation in my thought process. Some sort of childish emotion asks to vacate the seat though I want to think about life and want to think about brahmacharya. Why I succumb to the childish thoughts? I can bring back my senses with great difficulty. What is the true purpose of my Life? How I will know?

—rajesh, India


Those are big questions, but unfortunately, they tend to get you caught up in your mind—and the spiritual path is not about the mind. It is about transcending the mind. That’s why meditation—true meditation, not just cogitation—is the central technique of yoga.

Some better questions are, What can I do, right in this moment, to move forward, spiritually? How can I cultivate a dynamic partnership with God? How can I open my heart and mind to let the Divine flow through me? How can I rise above those intellectual questions that have been torturing me, and whose answers do not exist on an intellectual level?

When you can do that, you will begin to find—not in your mind, but in your heart—the answers that you have really been seeking. And as Paramhansa Yogananda put it, “You will know, and you will know that you know.”