What is the purpose of the Lord in creating the world and beings on it? If the beings were to obtain Moksha and attain the lord eventually, what is the purpose of the whole existence? How did the whole drama start and what is the reason for this beginning? Pranam guru.

—Karthini, Malaysia


Dear Karthini,

This is a question we have all asked at some point in our path back to oneness. One answer is that “God wants to enjoy himself through many”. Another answer is “God is Joy, and it is the nature of joy to share”. I think it is a question we will not be able to answer until merge back into God. Some questions cannot be answered on this mental level. Another thought I had is that this creation is infinite. This means that there are infinite possibilities of existence. If God had not created the world, the separate beings and the drama of returning home, we would not be in the position to ask these questions! It is up to us to say, yes, I do exist and I am returning to the source!