Why Does Suffering Come to Tender, Sensitive People?



It is said that tender, sensitive and emotional human beings are God's gifts to this world. Then why does suffering come so easily to them? Is sense pleasure got something to do with being sensitive and emotional?


—Mona, India


Actually, God’s gift to this world are those people who realize that God is the Sole Reality behind all of creation. They are also those who love the Creator more than the creation, and do so because they realize they are children of that Creator. The more we begin to tune in to our deeper, inner reality, that of being made in God’s image, then we begin to become truly tender and sensitive without being subject to suffering.

Suffering comes to everyone who is identified with the body and personality as their only reality. It also comes to those who are trying to find happiness through sense pleasures. It isn’t until we begin to remember our true identity as a soul made in the image of God that we are able to find true happiness and leave behind suffering and sorrow. Krishna states in the Bhagavad Gita, “O, Arjuna, get away from my ocean of suffering and misery!” Krishna is speaking to each one of us in saying this and letting us know that our true joy and fulfillment can never be found in the world around us, but only within.