How Will I Know God’s Answer?


I’ve come to a crossroads in my life; wondering what path to take next.

I’ve asked God to give me an answer on what to do, how will I know Gods answer?

—Nicole, Canada


Dear Nicole,

At this time in your life, it’s very important that you meditate daily (morning and evening). The practice of meditation will help you to develop intuition: the soul’s power of knowing God.

First, practice the meditation technique. Then sit in the silence, absorbing yourself in peace. When you feel that peace, offer your question to God. Send it through the point between your eyebrows, the sending station. Then try to feel the answer in your heart, the receiving station.

If you don’t know how to meditate, you can go to Ananda’s free offering on How to Meditate.

A very helpful book by Swami Kriyananda is Intuition for Starters, how to know and trust your inner guidance.

If you are not getting a clear message in meditation, to which direction to follow, try this:

For one day, live in the thought that you are going in one direction. Check how it feels inside of you.

The next day, live in the thought that you are going in the other direction. Check how it feels inside of you. This might give you a sense of which direction to take.

Sometimes, you begin to feel God’s response, as you start putting out energy in one direction, while being very attentive to how it feels, in every step along the way.

Someone asked Swami Kriyananda, “How do I know God’s will?”

Swami Kriyananda’s reply was: “Do that which brings you increasing inner joy. Moreover, avoid anything that causes your inner joy to diminish.”

Best wishes in finding your next step.

Nayaswami Diksha