Will Kriya Yoga Help Me Achieve Outward Goals?



My name is Sanmay Patel and want to ask one question.

Does Kriya Yoga help me to achieve of fulfill my all dreams?

I have both material and spiritual goal. Spiritual goal (self realization) I know kriya yoga will help me to achieve that goal.

But my main concern is about material goals. For example... I want to achieve my dream house and car, I want to be a successful businessman.. etc.

Will kriya yoga help me to achieve my material goal as well?


—Sanmay Patel, India


Dear Sanmay,

Lahiri Mahasaya, the great master who brought Kriya Yoga back to the world, counseled people to “solve all problems through meditation” — and by meditation, he meant Kriya Yoga.

How could Kriya do this? It won’t magically remove the barriers between you and your goals, whether they are spiritual or material. Rather, Kriya helps you take charge of your mind and life force. As you develop those skills, you become better able to surmount those barriers and accomplish your aims in the outer and inner worlds. Above all, it helps you become more attuned and receptive to God’s grace, which is the ultimate force behind any great success in life.

Being spiritual does not mean that we should have no material goals. Paramhansa Yogananda taught quite the opposite: pursuing outward success can, when done with right motives and methods, enhance your inner life considerably.

Nayaswami Gyandev